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Wednesday, September 7, 2011
Your First Days on Campus @ 1:52 PM

Hey Lyras!

Thank you to all who attended our first day of Lyra love, Barnard <3 NYC. Not every day that you get to see a volcano in Times Square and then eat pizza with friends. And our next program is going to be even more ridiculous, so look out for upcoming info...

Just wanted to give you guys some helpful tools to help you navigate campus while you meander during this first week (as we all do). So get out the pencils and notebooks, you're about to get a crash course in Barnard-ology...

1. MAPS! MAPS! MAPS! Sometimes I wish I had my very own Columbia/Barnard GPS system. Hamilton-Milbank-Lehman-Schermerhorn (my personal favorite...try saying THAT 5 times fast). You can always ask a friendly face on campus to direct you, but try this interactive map (http://www.columbia.edu/about_columbia/map/) to act as your guide.

2. While CULPA.info is often recommended to first-years as a resource to find teachers, I would like to emphasize that it is not the best idea to rely on other people's rants, good or bad. Take everything with a grain (more like 50 grains) of salt and be as open as you can to exploring new professors and classes-- professors/classes are not one-size-fits-all.

3. While CourseWorks (https://courseworks.columbia.edu/) takes a while to get the hang of, play around with it now. Figure out where articles will be posted, where grades will be posted, if class discussions can be done through CourseWorks, and how professors will post updates. It's a really cool system -- educate yourself on how to use it effectively!

4. Finally... while all of these virtual guides are convenient, never underestimate the power of interacting with *gasp* HUMANS (and Professors most definitely count). Profs and TA's are here to help, so stop by office hours if you want to learn more about the class and if it is appropriate for your interest/level. Try to avoid asking personal questions in a 200-person lecture, but take full advantage of any face-to-face time you can get.

So go get 'em, girls. And keep me posted on your accomplishments! If you get published, are involved in a play (off- or on-campus), chairing a fundraiser, or winning a triathlon LET ME KNOW SO WE CAN BRAG ABOUT LYRAS! This blog is a space to support each other, so let's use it well!

Who run the world? Lyras --


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Friday, August 19, 2011
August Letter: NSOP. Barnard Loves NY. Lyra Introduction. @ 2:27 PM

Congratulations… YOU ARE A LYRA LADY!
As you all know by now, BC’15 is the inaugural class of the fabulous Barnard Constellations program! I’m proud to say that you are the very first class of Lyras, a constellation depicting the lyre (or harp, for the less musically-informed). We represent the arts, creation, imagination, and culture – all vibrant symbols that come to life on campus and throughout New York City.
Before I dive into the details, here is a bit about me. My name is Sara, and I hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am a senior studying Anthropology and Religion here at Barnard. I’m in love with the food scene in New York, have been involved with many musical and theatrical groups on campus, and have taken full advantage of the different internship opportunities in the City (from Tory Burch to Elmo).  I am a CL (Constellation Leader) because I love what the project stands for – community, connections, mentoring, fun, New York, tradition, and of course... BARNARD.  I hope that each Lyra-ette (does that work…?) will go all out this year and try new things with the support of her Lyra sisters because this is a new journey for us all.
So, here is a short to-do list in preparation for The Big Day (move-in and orientation kick-off):
§  JOIN the Constellation Lyra Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/243895692299530/?ref=ts) and post something about yourself (a ridiculous photo, link to an article you love, or just a few words)
§  BRAINSTORM a nickname/mascot for Lyra… and share it on the Facebook page!T his is an opportunity for you to start a Barnard legacy before Day One of classes.
§  JOIN our new (and slightly under construction) blog (http://barnardlyraconstellation.blogspot.com/2011/08/test-posting-1.html) -- this is our space for all things Lyra so take full advantage of it!
§  GET PUMPED for Barnard Loves NY Day (August 29th) during orientation where we will meet for the first time and embark on our first adventure
§  WEAR YOUR LYRA SHIRTS on Barnard Loves NY Day – they will be waiting for you in your welcome bag… and are so pretty!
§  LET ME KNOW if you have any special needs during orientation. I check my email religiously (scl2124@barnard.edu) so do not hesitate to shoot me a note.
Also, at the end of September get ready to smile for the camera and get intimate with Barnard campus for our September program…
So go finish packing your shower caddies and Barnard gear, because it’s almost time for you to head over to 117th and Broadway. Team Lyra is exploding with excitement, awaiting your arrival!
All the love from Lyra-land,

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